– Mt. Nesugata nature park blooming seasonal flowers –

Mt. Nesugata, when resembles the woman of his back of the sleeping form ofIt is nicknamed the sleeping form of mountain from time.
Shimoda Port in Shimoda city from the summit, Izu Shichito
(Izu Seven of the island)
and It is possible to overlook the beautifully majestic Amagi mountains range One of the “Izu Sankei”( Three superb view ), widely as a superb view of attractions We known.Also,Aizendo the summit promenade behind the “marriage”
And it is also, also known as power spot love We have.


Attraction splayfar fromis full.
Promenade the mountain top park

The promenade leading to the Aizendo of “marriage”,
season al flowers decorate.
Attractions, is fullplayfar from!
in addition, acommemorative photo while walking with a
camera to making memories of the journey!

Nesugatayama is a scenic spot that is counted as one of the three views of Izu.
At the back of the promenade full of beautiful greenery, there is Aizen-do, a temple of marriage!


Virtual promenade map

It will be a virtual map (prototype) using a 360° camera. (red circle) on the guide map is the shooting point, and the fan shape indicates the direction. Click the arrow on the photo to move to the next location▶︎here


Observation deck with a superb view overlooking the seven islands of Izu

It is said to be one of the “three views of Izu”, and it is a superb view from this observatory.


Restoration of the Edo period lookou thut

June 3 of 1853 (Kaei 6years)USS led by Perry, landed the black ships are by 「Sakoku」
300 years of the…decided to wake up the longsleep of Japan
*Convention of Kanagawa

April 12, 1849 in (1849) opportunity of Britishentry in to
portofsurvey vessel Marinaissue, Edo shogunate
It is provided with a the mountaintop to Mihaofficeof the sleeping
form of the mountain, and dispatched a few officials from Shimoda magistrate’s office,
regardless of the day and night
It was nothitin the vigilance of the black ships.
Now, day and night withofficials of the doll in the hut, we watch
the black ships….A littlescarybe…


We swim fin length Nishikigo iin the middle quietly certain
gourd pond promenade.

fin length Nishikigo?
Japanese “Koi and Indonesia” Hirenagagoi ”
It is multiplied together very unusual and elegant and
carpthatI do!
The Yo is a must does not have only a few places
in the country


Stonesplit camphor tree (Ishiwari camphor tree)
“camphor tree ofvitality.”

The camphor treeis, by dividing the big rockin about 50years ago
Birthandit is very strong camphor tree of life force that is also continued to grow today!
It is likely to give us the power tocarve out,,any challenge!
When all round around this around, it is said tobe able to live healthy.


Aizendo of “respect and matchmaking”

At the back of the promenade, there is Aizen-do, a hall of worship and marriage.
Heart-shaped votive plaques and the Nagomi Tama Throw on the grounds are popular.



The couple’s “Giant Frog”

A couple frogs who moved from Izukyu Shimoda Station. Two of them weigh about 2,500 kg!
It is located behind Aizen-do, and is sitting in a peaceful pond in the empty pond.



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